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Our Fall Fashion Forecast

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Our Fall Fashion Forecast

Do you know already what to wear this fall? Well any expert in fashion would tell you that clean and conservative looks are back in vogue. Layering is in so lay off the skin-baring for a bit. Get ready to style up with some volume and textured fabric and they are definitely the buzzwords this fall including rich colors like olive, burgundy, black and grey. Don’t be shocked to see them in the runway or out on the streets by savvy street chics.

The “new suit” features fitted jackets matched with a pair of slim pants and skirts, to go for a polished, tailored look. Consider a mandarin collar or you can go for a washed wool plaid blazer with your favorite bottoms for sophistication.

To give your pants some poshed look, wear cropped jackets or even wide legged-styles. Designers explored this trend with contrasting looks-pairing loose with tight and long with the short. Anyone can pull it off by levelling the silhouette with heels or a great top. Cropped jackets are always available especially if you're shopping for clothes online.

Luxurious velvet are coming back this season, go for jewelry-close velvet blazers that creates a mod look. There will always a knit no matter the season, from fat chubby cables to fine gauge so for a comfy choice on chilly evenings, try a sweater-knit. For a spin on femininity, explore a twin set lined with ruffles or a beaded cardigan.

For great layering this fall, don’t be ashamed to be obsessed with details. Pieces trimmed in lace or ruffles can brew up a romantic sense under shirts and jackets. It can either be wound along the hem of a skirt or down a pant leg, embroidery adds a splash of style. Paisley and floral designs are classic twists on this modern trend.

A great signature snapshot this season is a jacket cinched at the waist with none other than a belt! You can go ahead and match it up with a pair of boots no matter the height for an up-to-the-minute look.

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